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Name Ruben Derenikovich
Last Name Kosyan
Country Russian Federation
Citizenship Russia
Language ,
Organization P.P.Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Southern branch
Position Head of Departament of the coastal zone, chief scientist
Birth date 20 May 1946
Degree Prof.Dr,
Education Physical faculty, Moscow State University,
Scientist publications number 280
Experience Position. Principal Researcher; Head of Department of the Coastal Zone of the P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Russian Academy of Sciences; Years within the Institute: 1971-ongoing Membership of professional bodies and awards: Chairman of the "Ocean Lithodynamics" group of Russian Academy of Sciences from1990. First Prize among Young scientists of the USSR 1980. Big Silver Medal from the USSR Exhibition of Achievements in National Economy 1989 Member of the Steering Committee for the International Program “Comsblack” from 1993 The government financial support as an outstanding scientist of Russia from 1994. Honoured Scientist of the Krasnodar province 1995 Order of Courage 1997 Academician of the Russian Academy of Ecology from 1997 Chairman of the Black Sea Branch of the Russian Academy of Ecology from 1999 Member of the Russian National Oceanographic committee from 1999 Member of Krasnodar province scientific and technical council from 1998 Member of the International Balkan Environment Association from 2000 Member of the Black Sea regional Committee IOC UNESCO from 2000 Member of the European Union for Coastal Conservation from 2002 Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science from 2003. Leader of the Russian Scientific School on the sea coastal zone Research from 2006. Key qualifications:
Projects, which participated scientist A leader of such International projects as: by German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), “German-Russian nearshore dynamics experiment on Norderney island”; by Soros foundation “Low-Frequency Fluctuation of Suspended Sand Concentration and Transport in Surf Zone”; by the International Centre for Coastal Resources Research (CIIRC), Barcelona, Spain; INTAS foundation Project 96-2063; NATO TU-WAVES Project; NATO ENVIR. LG. 974562; NATO EST CNS-976001; NATO SfP-971818 Project; NATO ENVIR. LG. 981587; CRDF project RG1-2240; INCO-COPERNICUS PROGRAM, Project ERBIC 15CT960113; the project of the Swiss National Science Foundation 7SUPJ048516.; the project of the Swiss National Science Foundation 7SUPJ062194.00-/1. EC Projects: ARENA, JASON, SCENE, ENCORA
Address Oceanology, 353467 Gelendzhik-7, Russia
Email rkosyan@hotmail.com
Alternative email kosyan@coastdyn.ru
Phone +7 86141 28281
Alternative Phone +7 918 4387083
Fax +7 86141 28089
Keywords coastal zone ecology nearshore processes sediment transport
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