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Name Yuri
Last Name Sorokin
Country Russian Federation
Citizenship Russia
Organization P.P.Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Southern branch
Position Leading Researcher
Birth date 24 September 1927
Degree Dr.
Education Biological faculty, University of Moscow, 1950
Scientist publications number over 450
Experience Physiology of bacteria, biogeochemistry, aquatic microbial ecology, distribution, metabolic activity and production of bacteria in freshwaters, seas and oceans, structure and function of marine and freshwater aquatic ecosystems, sulfur cycle in meromictic basins, generalization of knowledge achieved during marine and freshwater research. Roles of bacteria in trophodynamics of marine and freshwater systems, coral reefs ecology
Projects, which participated scientist ROSTE-UNESCO project of the lagoon ecology 1993-1997. Project of Australian Government on the nutrition of corals; 1975-1987. UNESCO project on the creation of monographic analysis of the Black Sea Ecology, 1996-2002.
Address 353467, Russia, Gelendzhik, The Southern Branch of P.P.Shirshov Institute of Oceanology
Phone 8 86141 28089
Fax 8 86141 28089
Keywords aquatic microbiology, phytoplankton blooms, primary production, bacterioplankton, biogeochemistry of sulfure, dynamics of phosphorus, ecosystem structure and functioning microplankton, secondary production of aquatic systems, coral reefs trophodynamics
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