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Name Sergey
Last Name Kuklev
Country Russian Federation
Citizenship Russia
Organization P.P.Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Southern branch
Position Senior Researcher
Birth date 15 January 1967
Degree Ph.D
Education Leningrad Hydrometeorological Institute
Scientist publications number 45
Experience One of my scientific activity directions is scientific-ecological substantiation of hydraulic engineering projects. A method of the problems solving is mathematical simulation. Solved problem is the forecast of hydrolithological processes development considering construction of projected structures. Other problem is calculation of hydrometeorological characteristics for an estimation of geometrical parameters of hydraulic structures.
Projects, which participated scientist During the last 10 years I took part in a scientifically-ecological substantiation of at least 20 projects of hydraulic structures. These are marina port, beaches (beaches with breakwater structures, including beaches with discrete overwater breakwaters) and different types of port structures (port terminals, quay, docks).
Address Oceanology, 353467 Gelendzhik-7, Russia
Email kuklev@coastdyn.ru
Phone 86141 28089
Fax +7 86141 28089
Keywords coastal zone, ecology, sediment transport
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