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Name Evgeniy
Last Name Yakushev
Country Russian Federation
Citizenship Russia
Language , ,
Organization P.P.Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Southern branch
Position Head of Laboratory
Birth date 09 April 1957
Degree Doctor
Education Moscow State University
Scientist publications number 130
Experience Oceanography, Marine Chemistry, Biogeochemical cycles, chemical and biological processes, affecting nutrients (C, N, O, P, S), anoxia in water environment, mathematical modelling of biogeochemical processes, anoxic conditions formation, redox processes.
Projects, which participated scientist Participation in all Russian scientific project in the Black Sea from 1997, organization of monitoring studies of the coastal area pollution in the Gelendzhik region, organization of ecological observations for the “Blue Stream” gas pipeline construction and exploitation. Participation in international conferences in the Black Sea countries (Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey), participation in the joint international expeditions aboard Russian, Turkish, German and American Research Vessels. Organization of field studies on the base of SB SIO Laboratory with colleagues from Switzerland and USA. Work on elaboration of a unique RedOx Layer Model (ROLM) parameterizing the main biogeochemical processes in the water column suboxic and anoxic conditions for studying the reaction of the system on possible anthropogenic and natural forcing. Participation in international marine expeditions aboard RV “Bilim” (Turkey), RV “Knorr” (USA), RV RV “Endeavor” (USA), “A.v.Humboldt” (Germany), RV “Professor A. Penck” (Germany), RV “Maria S. Merian” (Germany). Leader or co-ordinator of International and National projects: 1997-1997 International Science Foundation JJ8100 (“Modelling of nutrient cycles in the sea”) 1998-1999 Open Society Institute 1780/1009/1998, (“Degradation of the Azov Sea regional socio-ecological system. The sea state development problems”) 1999-2001 INTAS 99-01710 (“Nitrogen Cycling in the Oxic / Anoxic Environment of the Black Sea: Data Analysis and Numerical Simulation”), 2002-2003 CRDF RGI-2388-GE-02 (“Black Sea oxic-anoxic interface chemical system temporal variability: field observations and modelling”), 1995-1996 Russian Foundation for Basic Researches 95-05-14779 (“Peculiarities of the carbon dioxide exchange in the Polar regions of the Ocean”) 1999-2000 Russian Foundation for Basic Researches 99-05-64091 (Study of the peculiarities of oxic and anoxic waters interface in the Black Sea). 2002-2003 Russian
Address Oceanology, 353467 Gelendzhik-7, Russia
Phone (86141)28281
Fax (86141)28098
Keywords Marine Chemistry. Biogeochemical cycles, chemical and biological processes, affecting nutrients (C, N, O, P), anoxia formation, oxic/anoxic interface, carbonate system, mathematical modeling, field studies.
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