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Name Meltem
Last Name Dural
Country Turkey
Citizenship Turkish
Language ,
Organization Mustafa Kemal University
Position Assistant Professor
Birth date 03 January 1974
Degree Dr
Education 1990–1994 BSc. University of Cukurova,Adana, Turkey; Faculty of Fisheries 1994-1998 MSc University of Cukurova Adana, TURKEY Faculty of Fisheries 1998- 2004 PhD University of Cukurova Adana, TURKEY Faculty of Fisheries
Scientist publications number 19
Projects, which participated scientist 1.Determination of possible effects of dross discharged from Iskenderun Iron and Steel Factory in Iskenderun Bay, Turkey. (2003) Faculty of Fisheries, University of Cukurova. 2.European Union– Life Program For Third World Countries : Cukurova Delta Biosphere Reserve Project, (2004). Biodiversity Group Member. ISBN : 975 – 487-118 -3 . Project Number: Life-TCY 99/ TR / 087. 3. Quality assessment of gutted wild sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax.,L.) stored in ice, cling film, aluminum. Project Number: SÜF2002 BAP19 4.Investigation of Physco-chemical characteristics of Yarseli Dam Lake. Mustafa Kemal University Project. Project Number: 98E 0109. 1998
Address Mustafa Kemal University Fisheries Faculty İskenderun/Hatay-Turkey
Email duralmeltem@yahoo.com
Alternative email duralmeltem@hotmail.com
Phone +90 0326 6141693 Ext: 1054
Alternative Phone +90 0326 2144434
Fax +90 0326 6141877
Keywords Heavy metals, fish, sediment, seston, benthos, water quality
Commentary Mustafa Kemal University, Fisheries Facuty
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