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Name İlker Zeki
Last Name Kurtoglu
Country Turkey
Citizenship Turkey
Language ,
Organization Central Fisheries Research Institute turkey
Position Researcher-Engineer
Birth date 05 October 1975
Degree Dr
Education BSc; Fırat University, Fisheries and Aquaculture Faculty, Turkey; MSc; KTU, Institute of Science, Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Turkey; Ph D; IU, Institute of Science, Department of Aquaculture, Turkey
Scientist publications number 12
Experience I worked on rainbow trout’s reproduction performance and hatchery management in my MSc Thesis. My PhD Thesis subject is on “Development of the brown trout’s (Salmo trutta labrax) reproduction performances under the intensive hatchery conditions to the aim of the enrichment of their natural stocks.” I’m working on RAS systems usage in the Turkish aquaculture for sustainable aquaculture.
Projects, which participated scientist • Sustainable aquaculture production through the use of recirculation systems (SUSTAINAQ), Financed by FP6, Contract Number: 43150, (2007-….), • Development of the sturgeon reproduction possibilities in the Black Sea Region, Financed by MARA, project fist step is finished, second step is on being worked (2001-…). • Development of the brown trout’s (Salmo trutta labrax) reproduction performances under the intensive hatchery conditions because of the enrichment of its natural stocks, Financed by MARA, (2001-2004). • Investigation of the effects of salinity on growth, feed consumption and feed conversion ratios on the rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss), Financed by KTU, (1995-1996).
Address Central Fisheries Research Institute P.K. 250 61250 Trabzon-Turkey
Email izkurtoglu@gmail.com
Alternative email izkurtoglu@sumae.gov.tr
Phone +90 462 341 10 53
Alternative Phone +90 532 627 67 28
Fax +90 462 341 11 52
Keywords RAS, Recirculation system, aquaculture, sustainable,
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