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Name Kadir
Last Name Seyhan
Country Turkey
Citizenship Turkish
Organization Karadeniz Technical University, Faculty of Marine Sciences
Position Prof. Dr.
Birth date 02 December 1962
Degree PhD.
Education Bsc:1985,Fısheries in Aqriculture engenering, Diploma: 1989,Fisheries Management, University of Hull,UK MSc:1990, Fisheries Biology and Management, UCNW, UK. PhD.: 1994, School of Ocean Sci. University of Wales, Menai Bridge, UK.
Scientist publications number 46
Experience He gives Lecturs on managemnt of Living resources, is interested particularly in fisheries management in the Black Sea., Integrated coastal zone management, Fisheries ecology, fish physiology. has worked in the Faculty of Marine Sciences since 1986
Projects, which participated scientist 1.The analysis of coastal ecosytem of the South eastern Black Sea, off Trabzon. 2. Ecology-physiology of Jely fishes, m. leidyi, p. plesus, b. ovata 3. Modelling and monitoring of the distribution of pollutants in the SE Black Sea, Turkey (state planning org of Turkey) 4. Eco-physiology of seabass in the Eastern Black Sea , Turkey (Black Sea Tech. Univ. Research Fund). 5. Ecology of spiny dogfish in the Eastern Black Sea, Turkey (Black Sea Tech. Univ. Research Fund) 6.Population parameters and management startegies of pelagic fishes in the Black Sea, Turkey (Black Sea Tech. Univ. Research Fund) 7. Ecology of rocky shore, special reference to gobies in the Black Sea (Black Sea Tech. Univ. Research Fund)
Address Prof.Dr.Kadir SEYHAN Black Sea Tech. Univ., Faculty of Marine Sciences,61530 Trabzon, TURKEY
Email seyhan@ktu.edu.tr
Alternative email seyhan@mailturka.net
Phone +905323862388
Alternative Phone +904627522805-113
Fax +904627522158
Keywords Black Sea, Fisheries management, jelyfishes, fish physiology
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