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Name Ersan
Last Name Başar
Country Turkey
Citizenship Turkish
Organization Karadeniz Technical University, Faculty of Marine Sciences
Position Lecturer
Birth date 02 October 1971
Degree PhD.
Education B.Sc., Faculty of Marine Sciences, KTUM.Sc., Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, KTU PhD., Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, KTU
Scientist publications number 34
Experience 10 Years
Projects, which participated scientist 1-The Training Model of Turkish Seafarers Who Work on Fishing Vessel According to STCW-F Convention Training System and Safety Rules. KTU· 2-Ballast Water Management Project, TUBİTAK· 3-Pollution Emergency Response Centre for the Turkish coast. TUBITAK
Address KTU Faculty of Marine Sciences, 61600 Surmene, Trabzon TURKIYE
Email ebasar@ktu.edu.tr
Alternative email ersanbasar@hotmail.com
Phone + 90 532 4155294
Alternative Phone +90 462 7464045
Fax +90 462 7464046
Keywords Oil Spill, Black Sea, Tanker Accident, Modeling, Simulation
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Update date 2011-01-17 00:00:00.0

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