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Name Gokhan
Last Name Gokce
Country Turkey
Citizenship Turkish
Language ,
Organization Cukurova University - Fisheries Faculty
Position Assistant Professor
Birth date 22 February 1976
Degree Dr
Education BSc: Ege University, Fisheries Faculty (1994-1998, Turkey; MSc: Ege University, Fisheries Faculty (1998-2001), Turkey; PhD: Ege University, Fisheries Faculty (2001-2004, Turkey
Scientist publications number 14
Experience Research assistant :Cukurova Uni., Fisheries Faculty, Department of Fish Capture and Processing Technology (December 2001 - November 2007) Member of staff :Cukurova Uni., Fisheries Faculty, Department of Fish Capture and Processing Technology (November 2007-)
Projects, which participated scientist Structural analysis of Aegean Sea Fishing Industry, Ege University Scientific Research Project, 2002/SÜF/006, researcher,2007. A research on Bycatch amount of trawl fisheries in Iskenderun Bay Cukurova Uni. Research Project, SÜF2005BAP12, Project Leader, 2005. Blue crab trap selectivity, Cukurova Uni. Research Project, SÜF2005BAP09, Project Leader, 2005.
Address Cukurova University, Fisheries Faculty, 01330, Balcali, Adana, Turkey
Email gokceg@cu.edu.tr
Alternative email ggokce90@hotmail.com
Phone +90 532 420 45 96
Alternative Phone +90 322 338 60 84 ext 2961
Fax +90 322 338 64 39
Keywords Fishing gear selectivity: Active and passive selectivity, Susutainable fisheries: By-catch reduction devices and alternative fishing tactics
Commentary Cukurova University, Fisheries Faculty (CU-FF)
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