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Name Yasar
Last Name Genc
Country Turkey
Citizenship Turkish
Language ,
Organization Central Fisheries Research Institute turkey
Position Researcher-Engineer
Birth date 01 February 1960
Degree Dr
Education -BSc Agriculture Faculty, Turkey; -MSc Agriculture Faculty, Turkey; -Ph D Faculty of Marine Science, Department of Fisheries, Karadeniz Technical University , Turkey
Scientist publications number 10
Experience Fish Stock Assessment
Projects, which participated scientist 1. Stock Assessment Studies of the Turkish Black Sea Coast (Sub project leader: Demersal Fish Stock Assessment with using Swept Area Method in Eastern Black Cost)) (1990-1993) 2. Determination of the Selectivity of Bottom Trawls Gears (1996) (Researcher) 3. Research Project On Economically Important Fish Species (1991-1996) (project leader) 4. Effect of Fishing Effort on Demersal Fish Stocks in Eastern Black Sea in Turkey (1997-2000)(project leader) 5. Monitoring of Anchovy Fishing in the Eastern Black Sea (2005-.), (project leader)
Address Central Fisheries Research Institute 61250, Yomra, Trabzon, TURKEY
Email ygenc@sumae.gov.tr
Alternative email yasargenc@gmail.com
Phone +90 462 341 10 53
Alternative Phone +90 462 341 10 56
Fax +90 462 341 11 52
Keywords Stock Assessment of Demersal fisheries, Stock Assessment from Landing data (with using cohort analysis, Prediction Methods etc.), Determination Growth Parameters and Mortality rate during long time period (Red Mullet, Whiting, Anchovy, Horse Mackerel, Picarel etc)
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