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Name Daniela
Last Name Petrova
Country Bulgaria
Citizenship Bulgarian
Organization Institute of Fishery Resources (IFR)
Position Director
Birth date 14 June 1961
Degree PhD
Education The University of Plovdiv-biology-biotechnology
Scientist publications number 21
Experience Taxonomy and ecology of zooplankton, phytoplankton; Biodiversity, seasonal and long – term dynamics, production of phytoplankton; “ red tides” , harmful blooms; Phytoplankton / Zooplankton relations in complex marine ecosystems; Marine ecology; Environmental impact assessment - antropogenic, climatic influence; long-term changes; exotic species; cultivation of phytoplankton.
Projects, which participated scientist NATO “Science for Stability” project 1997-99 ; DANUBS, 2001-2004; EUROGEL, 2002-2005, Bilateral projects Bulgaria-Romania 2006-2008
Address Institute of Fishing Resources, Blvd. Primorski 4, P.O.Box 72, Varna 9000, Bulgaria
Email danibelbg@yahoo.com
Alternative email danibelbg@yahoo.com
Phone +35952632066
Alternative Phone +35952632065
Fax +35952632066
Keywords Phytoplankton investigations
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Update date 2008-07-09 00:00:00.0

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