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Name Georgy
Last Name Daskalov
Country Bulgaria
Citizenship Bulgarian
Organization Institute of Fishery Resources (IFR)
Position Researcher
Birth date 04 July 1963
Degree PhD
Education Sofia University, Bulgaria(1984 - 1989): MSc Biology with a speciality in Ichthyology and Aquaculture; University; d’Aix-Marseille, France. 1994 - 1998: PhD Marine environmental science/fisheries.
Scientist publications number 53
Experience Fifteen years of experience in fish stock assessments (mainly small pelagics), fish and marine environment ecology and ecosystem modelling. Studied and first reported trophic cascades driven by overfishing in large marine ecosystem (Black Sea). Performed integrated ecosystem assessment of multiple factors including climate, fisheries, eutrophication and invasive species. Ten years experience in fisheries management in countries with transitional economies and direct experience in a regional fisheries and environmental capacity building project.
Projects, which participated scientist Black Sea Environmental Programme (Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Turkey). A participating member on the Committee of Resource Assessment, Modelling and Survey (RAMS);EU INCO ENVIFISH Studying interactions between small pelagic fish stocks and the environment in the Benguela ecosystem (Namibia, Angola, RSA, and EU partners);EUROGEL (EU Framework V programme, 8 partners) project studying the effects of gelatinous plankton on marine ecosystems in European Seas;EU TACIS Sustainable management of Caspian fisheries (Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Iran). Strengthening research capacity and provide scientific background for regional management of Caspian fisheries;INCOFISH (EU Framework VI programme; 45 partners from Europe and developing nations);QUEST -Quantifying and Understanding the Earth System (NERC UK) uses a range of linked impact and indicators, covering water resources, flood risk, food production, biodiversity and human health on land, at the coast, and at sea to synthesise across sectors and regions and identify of the risks of specific impacts occurring at different rates of climate change.
Address Institute of Fishing Resources Bul."primorski"4, POBox 72 Varna 9000, Bulgaria
Email georgi.daskalov@cefas.co.uk
Phone +35952632066
Fax +35952632066
Keywords fisheries ecosystem modelling; environment-fisheries interactions
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