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Name Petya
Last Name Ivanova
Country Bulgaria
Citizenship Bulgarian
Organization Institute of Fishery Resources (IFR)
Position Vice Director
Birth date 17 October 1969
Degree PhD
Education Sofia University, Biological Faculty, Biology, 1992, Master degree Ph.D., Institute of Zoology, Bulgarian Academy of Science – 2003
Scientist publications number 42
Experience Genetic, biochemistry, DNA-analysis, electrophoresis, isoelectric focusing, enzymes, genetics markers, population insrastructure, biochemical taxomomy, genetic distance.
Projects, which participated scientist 1. DANUBS EVK1-CT-2000-00051 2. “Sturgeon Species Identification in the Danube River and the Black Sea” (2005-2006) 3. Phylogeographic relationships of Ponto-Caspian refuge and Central Europe fish populations – sound basis for management and conservation (2005-2007) 4. NATO - PDD(CP)-(ESP.NUKR.CLG 981783 Bioindikators for assessment of the Black Sea ecosystem (2005 -2007) 5. Population-genetical and histological analyses of barbel (Pisces, Cyprinidae) from Macedonian and Bulgarian rivers and lakes in connect to anthropogenical influence of ichthyological biodiversity (2006-2008) Bilateral Bulgaria-Macedonia project
Address Institute of Fishing Resources Bul.Primorski 4, POBox 72 Varna 9000, Bulgaria
Email pavl_petya@yahoo.com
Phone +35952632066
Alternative Phone +35952632065
Fax +35952632066
Keywords Genetic, biochemistry, DNA-analysis
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