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Name Peter
Last Name Kolarov
Country Bulgaria
Citizenship Bulgarian
Organization Institute of Fishery Resources (IFR)
Position Director (1989-2002)
Birth date 12 January 1931
Degree PhD, Prof.
Education Univeristy of Sofia: MSc in Biology and Ichthyoplogy BAS-Institute of Zooplogy-PhD, Prof., Member of the High Testimonial Committee
Scientist publications number 95
Experience Investigations on the biology of the commercially important fish species in the Black Sea; Stock assessment of cod and horse mackerel in SE-Atlantic; Pomolobus and scomber in NW-Atlantic; species composition and distribution of commercially important fish species in NE-Atlantic and in the NW-part of Indian ocean; Methodology (stock assessment approaches) and manuals for age estimations of some cod species and horse mackerel etc
Projects, which participated scientist Scientific adviser to international organisations: NAFO Halifax, ICSEAF Madrid; Environmental Adviser in Pacific Consultants International (Tokio) - Branch office-Burgas.
Address Institute of Fishing Resources 4, Primorski Bul., P.O. Box 72 9000-Varna, Bulgaria
Phone +35952632066
Fax +35952632066
Keywords fish stock assesment
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