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Name Vesselina
Last Name Mihneva
Country Bulgaria
Citizenship Bulgarian
Organization Institute of Fishery Resources (IFR)
Position Researcher
Degree PhD
Education University of Shoumen: MSc in Biolgy and Chemistry: Institute of Zoology(BAS)- PhD thesis, 2011
Experience Gelatinous and meso-zooplankton investigations in the Bulgarian Black Sea waters. Physiology of gelatinous zooplankton: growth, feeding, respiration, mesozooplankton consumption, energy budget.
Projects, which participated scientist EUROGEL ”Mechanisms behind jellyfish blooms and their socio-economic effects” - EVK3- CT- 2002 –00074: V FP; DANUBS (EVK1-CT-2000-00051), http://danubs.tuwien.ac.at/, 6 FP: BLACK SEA SCENE; BSERP (2006); Bilateral project of the Ministry of Education and Science – Bulgaria BPS-24, P-8/22.06.2005 „Investigations on the contemporary state and evolutionary trends of economically important fish species in the Rumanian and Bulgarian waters for the harmonization of the estimation methods and implementation of sustainable development measurements”.
Address Institute of Fishing Resources 4, Primorski Bul., P.O. Box 72 9000-Varna, Bulgaria
Email vvmihneva@yahoo.com
Phone +35952632066
Fax +35952632066
Keywords zooplankton, gelatinous zooplankton monitoring, physiology
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