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Name Sonia
Last Name Uzunova
Country Bulgaria
Citizenship Bulgarian
Organization Institute of Fishery Resources (IFR)
Position Researcher
Birth date 14 July 1963
Degree PhD
Education Masterís degree-Dept. of Hydrobiology of Sofia State University, Bulgaria, 1988; Ph.D., Dept. of Hydrobiology, Institute of zoology, BAS, 2007;
Scientist publications number 22
Experience Research on biodiversity and dynamics of macrozoobenthos with emphasis on crustaceans taxonomy, ecology and distribution, as well their response to the environmental changes
Projects, which participated scientist DaNUbs: Nutrient management in the Danube basin and its impact on the Black Sea; Team leader of Bulgarian team in EU FP 6 project - SAFE: SME Action for the Environment in New Member States and Associated Candidate Countries
Address Institute of Fishing Resources Varna 9000, Bulgaria Bul.Primorski 4, PO Box 72
Email sonja_ouz@yahoo.com
Phone +359 52 632 066
Fax +359 52 632 066
Keywords benthos, biodiversity
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