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Name Volodymyr
Last Name Myroshnychenko
Country Turkey
Citizenship Ukraine
Language , ,
Organization Permanent Secretariat Commission on the Protection of the Black Sea Against Pollution
Position Project Expert
Birth date 03 July 1957
Education M.Sc. Kharkov Polytechnic Institute/Ukraine, Automated Control Systems, 1980
Scientist publications number 22
Projects, which participated scientist EnviroGRIDS (2009-) UPGRADE Black Sea Scene (2009-) SeaDataNet (2008-2009) Black Sea Scene (2008) Caspian Environment Programme. Phase-II (2004-2007) EVK3-2002-00516-ARENA (2003-2006) Development of the MED POL Phase III Programme Database. - Project Account No ME/6030-00-04 BL2209. (2002-2003) Caspian Scientific Network - CASPSCIENCE-NET. Project ICA2-CT-2000-10054, Commission of the European Communities (2001-2003) NATO SfP ODBMS Black Sea Project (1999-2003) Caspian Environmental Programme, Phase I (2000-2002). Plankton biodiversity and biovariability in the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. (1999-2001)- Darwin Initiative, Great Britain.
Address Dolmabahce Sarayi 2 Hareket Kosku 34353 Besiktas Istanbul, Turkey
Email volodymyr.myroshnychenko@blacksea-commission.org
URL www.blacksea-commission
Phone +90 (212) 327 35 80
Fax +90 (212) 227 99 33
Keywords oceanographic data management, processing, information technologies, environment
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