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Name Serdar
Last Name Sakinan
Country Turkey
Citizenship Turkey
Language ,
Organization Institute of Marine Sciences, Middle East Technical University
Position Project assistant
Birth date 01 October 1979
Degree MS
Education B.S. Dokuz Eylul University, Maritime Business and Administration M.S. METU, Institute of Marine Sciences
Scientist publications number 8
Experience Scientific cruises in Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea, GIS Database for West coast of Mersin
Projects, which participated scientist SeaDataNet- Pan-European infrastructure for Ocean and Marine Data management UNDP Sustainable management of artisanal fisheries for conservation of Coastal Marine Ecosystem.Antakya, Turkey TUBITAK Mediterranean monk seal research project in Cyprus, Turkey. TUBITAK Investigations on the changing impacts on Kizilliman Marine Protected Area and responses of the ecosystem.Mersin, Turkey TUBITAK Eastern Mediterranean Coastal Ecosystem Survey-Marine Biology Summer School, Mersin, Turkey TUBITAK Mediterranean monk seal research project in Gulf of Iskenderun, Turkey. TUBITAK Investigations on the Mediterranean Monk Seal on the coast of Antalya
Address P.O. Box 28, Erdemli, 33731, Mersin, Turkey
Email serdar@ims.metu.edu.tr
Phone +90 (324) 5212406
Alternative Phone +90 (324) 5212150
Fax +90 (324) 5212327
Keywords GIS, marine protected areas, biodiversity
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Update date 2007-06-19 00:00:00.0

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