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Name Gennady
Last Name Panin
Country Russian Federation
Citizenship Russia
Organization Institute of Water Resources Problems RAS
Position Prof., Head of Laboratory
Birth date 19 November 1944
Degree DSc, Prof.
Education Moscow State University, Russia
Scientist publications number 137
Experience Scientist. The State Oceanography Inst. 1967 - 1969. Scientist. Inst.of Oceanology, RAS 1969 – 1976 Institute of Water Problems, RAS 1976 – present
Projects, which participated scientist Member of WG N77 of SCOR 1987-1989 Member of Editorial Board of Journal " Journal of Atmospheric and Ocean Science” Taylor and Francis Group Member of Editorial Board of Journal „Water Resources“ - Moscow.
Address 8, Profsoyuznaia, Moscow 117292, Russia
Email panin@aqua.laser.ru
URL www.iwp.ru/panin/ssylki
Phone +7 495 1355374
Fax +7 495 1355415
Keywords Surface fluxes, Climatic change, water/land surface, atmosphere, Caspian Sea, Black Sea
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Update date 2008-09-14 00:00:00.0

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