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Information on the selected scientist
Name Camelia Iulia
Last Name Dumitrache
Country Romania
Citizenship Romanian
Language ,
Organization National Institute for Marine Research and Development Grigore Antipa
Position Scientific Researcher
Birth date 15 October 1960
Degree Scientist
Education Bucharest University, Faculty of Biology
Scientist publications number 20
Experience Marine zoobenthos on Romanian shelf: - study of evolution of benthic communities; - assessment of marine biocenoses status from the shallow waters subjected to the influence of discharges of fresh and waste waters; - study of biodiversity from the Romanian waters; - participant in the elaboration of environmental impact studies.
Projects, which participated scientist NATO –TU Black Sea, DANUBS, LIFE NAT/RO/71194
Address 300, B-DUL MAMAIA, RO- 900581 CONSTANTA 3, ROMANIA
Email iulia@alpha.rmri.ro
URL www.rmri.ro
Phone + 4 0241 540870
Alternative Phone + 4 0241 543288
Fax + 4 0241 831274
Keywords Ecology, biology, zoobenthos
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Update date 2007-06-19 00:00:00.0

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