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Name Vadim
Last Name Polonsky
Country Russian Federation
Citizenship Russian Federation
Language ,
Organization State Oceanographic Institute (Roshydromet)
Position Head of Marine River Mouth Laboratory
Birth date 10 April 1949
Degree PhD
Education Moscow State University, Geographical Department, Chair of Hydrology (1972). Dissertation "Formation of river mouth bars" (1981).
Scientist publications number 100
Experience Field expeditions in 9 river deltas (Danube, Don, Volga, Ural, North Dvina, Pechora, Onega, Mezen, Yana). Investigations of processes of delta formation, water regime in the river deltas, mouth bars and delta branches dynamics, long term and seasonal changes of river flow, levels, sediments, water temperature, ice and salinity in river mouth. Modeling of delta branch system. Statistical methods. Calculation of chemical and pollution matters flow in river mouths. Estimation of dangerous ivents like flooding in Caspian deltas. Water balance in the deltas.
Projects, which participated scientist 1) Investigation of World Ocean Nature - IPMO (Russian), 2) The Volga and Terek rivers deltas pollution (International), 3) RFFI (Russian), 4) The abiotic conditions in the etuarine areas of Euripean rivers (Russian), 5) Russian State Cadastr of marine and river mouth waters (Russian) 6) Roshydromet studies of rivers mouth regime (Russian)
Address State Oceanographic Institute, Kropotkinsky Lane 6, 119034 Moscow RUSSIA
Email vpolonskii@mail.ru
Phone +7 495 246 22 45
Fax + 7 495 246 72 88
Keywords River mouth and etuary, Hydrology regime monitoring, Hydraulic modeling, Flood, Water balance, Delta formation, Field Investigations
Commentary Marine River Mouth Laboratory of State Oceanographic Institute carry out monitoring of the marine rivers mouth hydrological regime, including theoretical studies and field investigations. The management of wide spectrum of Projects and Data-sets on European river deltas and estuaries were done since last several decades. The Lab. is methodological centre of Roshydromet in the river mouth studies.
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