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Name Yevgen
Last Name Gazyetov
Country Ukraine
Citizenship Ukrainian
Language ,
Organization Odessa National I.I.Mechnikov University
Position Researcher
Birth date 27 July 1969
Education Aerosol Course in Hyytiälä, University of Helsinki, Finland (2004) Certificate. ESRI Training Course on Spatial Analyst, Moscow (2001) Certificate. ESRI Training Course on ArcView GIS, Moscow (2001) Certificate. The Second Post-Graduate Summer School on Green Chemistry, Venice, Italy (1999) Certificate. The European Research Course on Atmosphere, Grenoble, France (1998) Diploma. Odessa Hydrometeorological Institute, Odessa, Ukraine (1986 – 1992) Diploma of Oceanologist.
Scientist publications number 27
Experience Odessa National University - 1997 till present: Study and modelling of euthrophication processes in the north-western part of the Black Sea Ecosystem; evaluation of impact of climate changes, coastal and atmospheric fluxes of nutrients and other pollutants to the ecosystem; estimation of assimilation capacity of water ecosystems; collecting and analysing of hydrological, biological, chemical data on river, lake and marine ecosystems in GIS databases; developing of digital thematic maps; processing of space images. Ukrainian Scientific Centre of the Ecology of Sea - 1992-1997: Collecting and analysis primary information about physical, chemical and biological processes of the Black Sea; adoption these data with the aim to create mathematical models of the processes; modelling of dynamics of shallow currents in the north-western part of the Black Sea; work with biological models of the Black Sea.
Projects, which participated scientist EC Tacis Project “Technical Assistance for Lower Dniester basin water management planning” (2006-2007), senior local expert for GIS and data base development. INTAS Programme “New Methods of International Treatment for Management of Water Quality in River Basins” Ref. No. 04-77-7112 (2005-2007), as developer of GIS-interface for access to metadata on water basins. EC Tacis Project WW/SCRE1/No.1 “Lower Danube Lakes: Sustainable Restoration and Protection of Habitats and Ecosystems” (2001-2003), local expert for GIS and data base. International Programme EMEP (1995–1996), as scientist.
Address 7, Mayakovskiy Lane, Odessa, 65025, Ukraine
Email gazetov@gmail.com
Phone +38 048 7237338
Alternative Phone +38 048 7317379
Fax +38 048 7237338
Keywords mathematical modelling, water ecosystems, database developing and management, GIS technology, satellite images, thematic maps, 3D maps
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