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Name Melek
Last Name Isinibilir
Country Turkey
Citizenship Turkish
Language ,
Organization Istanbul University, Fisheries Faculty
Position Research Assistant Dr
Birth date 06 September 1973
Degree Ph D
Education B.Sc., Fisheries Faculty, Istanbul University, Turkey. M.Sc., Institute of Science, Department of Marine Science, Istanbul University, Turkey. Ph.D., Institute of Science, Department of Marine Science, Istanbul University, Turkey.
Scientist publications number 7
Experience Ms. Sc. (1995-1999) Ph. D. (2000- 2004) Research Ass. Dr. (2004-)
Projects, which participated scientist 1. Abundance and distribution of marine zooplankton species in the waters of the northern Gökceada. Istanbul University (797/131295). 2. Seasonal variations of the zooplankton composition and abundance in the Istanbul Strait. Istanbul University (1224/181298). 3. The effects of natural events and terrestrial inputs in coastal waters: Izmit Bay and Dilderesi as particular study areas. TUBITAK and Kocaeli governorship (5017509). 4. Salinity Tolerance as a Key Factor of Invasion Success of the Copepods of Calanus Genus into the Sea of Marmara. TUBITAK (104Y208). 5. Evaluation of Biodiversity of Northern Aegean Sea and Southern Marmara Sea by Physical, Chemical and Biological Data. TUBITAK (105Y039). 6. Salinity tolerance as a key factor of invasion success of the mesozooplankton species into the Sea of Marmara. TUBITAK (107Y001). 7. Adaptability and vulnerability of marine species in changing environment. NATO (ESP.NUKR.CLG 983036).
Address Istanbul University, Fisheries Faculty, Ordu Cad. No:200, 34470, Laleli, Istanbul, Turkey
Email melekis@istanbul.edu.tr
Alternative email melekisinibilir@istanbul.edu.tr
Phone +90 212 4400000/16417
Alternative Phone +90 212 4555700/16417
Fax +90 212 5140379
Keywords Mesozooplankton, jellyfishes, Scyphozoa, Hydrozoa
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