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Name Hasan Huseyin
Last Name Atar
Country Turkey
Citizenship Turkish
Language , ,
Organization Ankara University
Position Prof. Dr.
Birth date 10 April 1965
Degree Dr.
Education Ankara University, Faculty of Agriculture, Fisheries Dept. 1982-1986 BSc--- Ankara University, Faculty of Agriculture, Fisheries Dept. 1986-1990 MSc--- Ankara University, Faculty of Agriculture, Fisheries Dept. 1990-1998 PhD
Scientist publications number 48
Experience 2007 Finland Helsinki University Lecturer LLP Erasmus Programme--- 2005 Turkey TUBITAK Participant Project Management Programme (TÜSSİDE-MEB-TÜBİTAK)--- 1992,7 months Japan JICA Trainer Japanese Language Course--- 1992, 9 months Japan JICA Participant Coastal Fishing Technology
Projects, which participated scientist European Union Upgrade-Black Sea Scientific Network Fp-7 Infrastructure 2009-2012 Partner--- European Union AQUA-TNET-Aquaculture, Fisheries & Aquatic Resource Management 2009-2012 Partner--- SPO Investigation of sustainable fishing methods in Atatürk Dam Lake. 2003-2005 Project leader--- BTC-BP-World Bank Compensating fishermen around Ceyhan Terminal through BTC project 2003-2005 Consultant--- A.U. Fund The comparison of three different trap in catching blue crab in Beymelek Lagoon Lake, Meditarranean. 1998-2001 Researcher
Address Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture Fisheries&Aquaculture Dept. Diskapi/Ankara-Turkey
Email atar@agri.ankara.edu.tr
Alternative email hhatar@hotmail.com
URL www.agri.ankara.edu.tr/
Phone +90532 7175101
Alternative Phone +90312 5961649
Fax +90312 5961649
Keywords Fisheries,Fishing techniques, Fishing methods, aquaculture
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Update date 2010-01-27 00:00:00.0

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