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Name Suleyman
Last Name Ozdemir
Country Turkey
Citizenship Turkish
Language ,
Organization Sinop University, Fisheries Faculty
Position Assistant Professor
Birth date 25 August 1975
Degree Ph D.
Education B.Sc., Fisheries Faculty of Ege University, Turkey M.Sc., Sinop Fisheries Faculty, Ondokuz Mayıs University, Turkey Ph.D., Sinop Fisheries Faculty, Ondokuz Mayıs University, Turkey
Scientist publications number 46
Projects, which participated scientist 1- Kıdeyş A.E., Kourti, N., Shepherd, I., Gredianus H., Thoorens, F-X, Cesena, C., Şahin, F., Özdemir, S., Satılmış, H.H. & Bat, L., 2006. Behaviour, Effort Characteristics, Catch and Remote Sensing Detection of Turkish Fishing Vessels during Anchovy Fishery in the Black Sea in 2005-2006,(For the Joint Research Center Tender Proposal No G03/07/05. 43 p. (EU Project) Italy. 2- Kideys A.E., T. Barbas, E. Varol, F. Şahin, H. Greidanus, L. Bat, E. Düzgünes, A. Güneroğlu, I. Okumus, F. Kalaycı, G. Dalgıc, N. Samsun, H.H., Satılmıs, & S. Özdemir, 2007. Feasibility of Monitoring Fishing Vessel Activity in the Black Sea Using Automatic Identification System (AIS) Technology. Final Report, Joint Research Center, Ispra, Italy. 93 p. (EU Project) Italy. 3- Erdem, Y. and Özdemir, S., 2006 .The Effect of Position and Mesh Size of Square Mesh Panel Applied in Trawls on Catchibilty of Different Species. Ondokuz Mayıs University Research Fund Project No: S096, Turkey.
Email suleymanozdemir57@yahoo.com
Alternative email suleymanozdemir57@gmail.com
Phone +90 368 2876254
Fax +903682876255
Keywords Fishing Gear Selectivity, Fisheries Biology and Population Dynamics, Fish Behavior
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