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Name Nugzar
Last Name Buachidze
Country Georgia
Citizenship Georgian
Organization Georgian Institute of Hydrometeorology
Position Head of Laboratory
Degree Dr
Education , graduated from the Technical Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Chemistry in 1972.
Scientist publications number 50
Projects, which participated scientist Participant of the International Programs and projects:NATO sfp 971818 ODBMS Project; NATO/OSCE 977991 sfp“Rivers monitoring”; QUASIMEME (Quality Assurance of information in Marine Envairon¬men¬tal Monitoring in Europe” - Black Sea Commission; UNDPS Program “Stable organic mixtures inventory in Georgian Territory”; “Investigation of Pollution by Radi¬o¬nuclides, Toxic Elements and Grea¬tion of the Radiation and Hydroce¬mical Monitoring system of the Rv. Kura Basin in Georgia”. Project Agreement # G. 1294 – ISTC.
Email emc.buachidze@yahoo.com
Phone 899152266
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Update date 2010-04-24 00:00:00.0

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