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Name Tariel
Last Name Beridze
Country Georgia
Citizenship Georgia
Organization National Environmental Agency of the Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources
Position Head of Departament of coastal ptotection
Education Graduate from Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Geography and Geology in 1972
Scientist publications number 12
Experience Lecturer Tbilisi State University (1072-1974); Researcher of the Institute of Geography of the Academy of Sciences of Georgia (1974-1990); Head of the Organizing Committee of the Nature Protection Society of Georgia (1990-1991); Head of the Environment Protection Unit, than Head of the Nature Use and Engineering Protection Division, subsequently the Head of the Planning and Urban Development Department of the Ministry of Urbanization and Construction of Georgia (1991-2000). Director of the Institute of Coastal Dynamics “SakNapiDatsva” of the Ministry of Urbanization and Construction of Georgia (2000-2006) participating in and leading all engineering protection design and supervision activities in the field of riverbank and sea coastal dynamics
Projects, which participated scientist IP BLACK SEA SCENE, UPGRADE BSS
Email tarielberidze@yahoo.com
Phone 899491600
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Update date 2010-04-24 00:00:00.0

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