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Name Eugen
Last Name Konikov
Country Ukraine
Citizenship Ukraine
Language ,
Organization Odessa National I.I.Mechnikov University
Position Professor
Birth date 30 August 1954
Degree Dr.Sc.
Education Odessa State I.I.Mechnikov University
Scientist publications number 112
Experience The experience of scientific work - 35 years. Corresponding member of the International Academy Sciences of Eurasia. Member of Ukrainian Committee INQUA.
Projects, which participated scientist 1)"HERMES: Hotspot ecosystem research on the margins of European Seas" (2006-2009), 2)IGCP 521 “Black Sea-Mediterranean Corridor during last 30 ky: Sea level change and human adaptation” (2005-2009), 3)Ä/á ¹416 “Estimation of seismic danger and the probable analysis of seismic danger on the basis methods of nonlinear dynamics” (2009-2010), 4) Ä/á ¹438 “Research of laws influence of global and regional climate changes on formation of dangerous geological processes on the Southwest Ukraine” (2009-2011), 5) GFFR Ukraine Ô.28-428 “North-western Black Sea region under Global Climate Change: Environmental evolution for the last 20 ka and forecast for the 21st century” (2009-2010).
Address 2 Shampanskij Lane, Odessa, 65058, Ukraine
Email Konikov2006@mail.ru
Phone +380482 + 634589
Alternative Phone +380669210531
Fax +380482 +681858
Keywords Paleogeogrphy, coastline, climate changes, dangerous geological processes
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