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Name August N.
Last Name Oliferov
Country Ukraine
Citizenship Ukraine
Organization Taurida V.I. Vernadsky National University
Position Professor of the Department of Physical Geography and Oceanology
Birth date 12 August 1925
Degree Dr.Sc.
Education Perm State University
Scientist publications number 447
Experience Theme of Council of Ministers of the USSR "The study of conformities to law of forming and development of physio-geological processes on the Black Sea coast of the USSR" (1970-1973). Theme of Institute of Mineral Resources "The valuation of volumes of hard flow in mudstone catchment basins of the Black Sea coast of Crimea and Caucasus and possibilities of its increase" (1973-1975). A map "The danger of mudstone for coast" (Atlas of protection of nature Black and Azov Seas), 2006
Projects, which participated scientist ESIMO, E2EDM,MEDAR/MEDATLAS II, Sea-Search, Black Sea Scene, Sea Data Net
Address 4, Academician Vernadsky Ave.Simferopol, Crimean Autonomous Republic Ukraine, 95007
Email avgust@tnu.crimea.ua
Phone +3-8-0652-60-24-40
Alternative Phone +3-8-050-963-51-56
Keywords flow
Commentary Black Sea Scene Project is a field for using modern information technologies
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