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Information on the selected scientist
Name Larisa
Last Name Pasynkova
Country Ukraine
Citizenship Ukraine
Organization Taurida V.I. Vernadsky National University
Position Associated Professor of the Department of Physical Geography and Oceanology
Birth date 15 January 1951
Degree PhD
Education Dnepropetrovsk Mining Artem institute
Scientist publications number 20
Experience An international subsatellite experiment "Internal Waters-87"
Projects, which participated scientist Zmeiny
Address Apartment 22, 10, Frunze St., Simferopol Crimean Autonomous Republic Ukraine, 95017
Phone +3-8-0652- 25-44-30
Alternative Phone +3-8-099-770-98-49
Keywords landscape geosystems, geodynamic stability of landscape geosystems, equilibrium of surface of continental slope, mud volcanism, the anomalous gas emission
Commentary application is possible for the national-economic development of the bottom of the Black Sea
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Update date 2011-04-14 00:00:00.0

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