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Name Vadym
Last Name Gudzenko
Country Ukraine
Citizenship Kiyv
Language , ,
Organization Institute of Geological Sciences - IGS
Position Head of Laboratory
Birth date 05 January 1938
Degree PhD
Education Kyiv State University
Scientist publications number over 200
Experience Investigetions in the field of super low isotope ratios of uranium (234U/238U)(Water Resources, Moscow,1987,#,116-119; Study of hydrogeologic and engineering-geologic objects by geophysical and isotope techniques, 1988, Collection of the scentific reports,Moscow,99-105 (in Russian)). Publishing of the monograph "Isotopes of Radium and Radon in Natural Water" (Publishing house "Nauka", Moscow,1987. Co-autor Dr. V.T.Dubinchuk) and participation in the range of Co-ordinated Research Programmes of the IAEA
Address 55b,O.Gonchara str., Kiev, 01054, Ukraine
Email Vadymgudz@ukr.net
Keywords Naturally occurring rationuclides
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