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Name Galyna
Last Name Terenko
Country Ukraine
Citizenship Ukrainian
Language , , ,
Organization Ukrainian scientific center of Ecology of Sea (UkrSCES)
Position Scientific Researcher
Birth date 08 August 1974
Degree PhD
Education Odessa University. Department of Hydrobiology and General Ecology.
Scientist publications number 51
Experience Terenko G. et al. (2009): Algae of Ukraine. Diversity, Nomenclature, Taxonomy, Ecology and Geography. Vol. 2. Bacillariophyta. Eds.: P.M. Tsarenko, S.P. Wasser & E. Nevo, Ruggell, A.R.A. Gantner Verlag K.G., Vol. 2, 2009, 414 p.
Projects, which participated scientist INQUA501
Address 89, Frantsuzki Blvd., Odessa, 65009. Ukraine
Email adlafia@mail.ru
URL www.sea.gov.ua
Phone +38 0482 637310
Alternative Phone +38 0482 340081
Fax +38 0482 637310
Keywords Phytoplankton, water blooms, red tide, toxic diatoms, dinoflagellates and blue-green microalgae, Black Sea, rivers deltas (Dniester and Danube rivers), Azov Sea
Commentary Constant monitoring of a surface water layer as zone of active vegetation of phytoplanktonic organisms is important and necessary as thin layers of hydrosphere are mostly influenced by environmental abiotic factors, first of all solar radiation.
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