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Name Oleksandr
Last Name Cheroi
Country Ukraine
Citizenship Ukrainian
Language ,
Organization Danube Hydro-meteorological Observatory
Birth date 22 June 1982
Degree Ph. D.
Education ODESSA STATE ENVIRONMENTAL UNIVERSITY, (Odessa State Hydrometeorological Institute) Faculty of Hydrology
Scientist publications number 10
Experience 2
Projects, which participated scientist EU FP7 project “Upgrade Black Sea SCENE” 2009-2011.************** EU FP7 project “Building Capacity for a Black Sea Catchment Observation and Assessment System supporting Sustainable Development (EnviroGRIDS)” 2009-2013.************** “Environment and Security” initiative (ENVSEC)project: "Joint environmental monitoring, assessment and exchange of information for integrated management of the Danube delta region" 2010 - 2012.
Email cheroy_a@mail.ru dhmo@izm.odessa.ukrtel.net
Keywords Hydrology, Environmental monitoring, Coastal studies, Dunabe, delta
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