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Country Romania
Citizenship Romanian
Language ,
Organization National Institute for Marine Research and Development Grigore Antipa
Position Scientist
Birth date 26 August 1963
Education University of Bucharest, Faculty of Geography
Scientist publications number 27
Experience - protection and conservation of marine environment - marine planning and ICZM - sustainable tourism development in the coastal zone, focusing on facility and preserving environmental and cultural components in the coastal areas - participation in instrumentation of BENA Program for Research projects and Scholarships for young scientists in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia (ISSE-BENA) - Responsible for the Training Center on environmental management activity (ISSE-BENA) - Participation and exchange experience in training courses in environmental protection field (Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, FYR Macedonia) (ISSE-BENA) - Participation in projects / activities in environmental education, public participation, dissemination organization of conferences etc.
Projects, which participated scientist Project Pilot: “Training Center for Environmental Professions”, funded by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece - FP6 BBI – MATRA The development of an indicative ecologically coherent network of sub-tidal marine protected Areas (MPAs) in Bulgaria and Romania - FP6 - Black Sea SCENE - INTERREG IIIB CADSES PLANCOAST - DG Mare/European Commission – National Plan for Fishery Data Collection - FP7 – Up-Grade Black Sea SCENE
Address Bvd. Mamaia no. 300, RO-900581, Constanta , Romania
Email mariana.golumbeanu@yahoo.com
Phone + 40 241 543288
Fax + 40 241 831274
Keywords environmental education, public participation, tourism development
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