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In 2006-2007 under the Black Sea Scene (BSS) Project RIHMI-WDC developed a system of content management for the remote entry of information on scientists, bibliographic sources and socio-economic data. The system of content management is available on the RIHMI-WDC server: Materials from MARIS ( Netherlands) were used as a basis for the database on scientists and bibliographic descriptions. The materials were developed in the 90-s under the project funded by the International Association for the Promotion of Cooperation with Scientists from the Independent States of the Former Soviet Union. Data on scientists are out of date and should be updated. On April 2 2007 the total volume of the data bases is as follows: - scientists 1225 including those from the Black Sea countries such as Russia 143, Ukraine 345, Bulgaria 42, Turkey 223, Romania 94, Netherlands 10; - bibliographic descriptions 4766.



  • Data on scientists information on experts involved in marine environment studies. Under the BSS Project the Black Sea is identified as a region of geographical interests.
  • Bibliographic descriptions information on bibliographic sources (books, articles, abstracts, R&D reports, dissertations, etc.)
  • Socio-economic data (SED) structured and unstructured demographic, economic and social information on a country, region, city)

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