Organizational aspects


Entry of the content (distribution of editing among organizations, amount of work and completion dates, dissemination of logins and passwords to all the partners, etc) is made under the general management of MARIS. Contact - Peter Thijsse (

Methodological guidance (rules for entering specific attributes, correction of errors, etc) is provided by RIHMI-WDC. Contact - Evgeny Vyazilov (

Partners under the Project from the Black Sea countries:

  • Russia (SOI, IO RAS, South Branch IO RAS, Institute of Limnology, IKI, MSU);
  • Ukraine (UkrSCES, MHI, USRIEP, ONU);
  • Bulgaria (Technical University Varna, Black Sea NGO NetWork, Institute of Oceanology of BAS, Institute of Fishery and Aquaculture);
  • Turkey (METU-IMS, OMU-SFF, BSTU);
  • Romania (National Inst. of Marine Geology and Geo-Ecology, National Inst. for Marine Research and Development Grigore Antipa);
  • Georgia (Iv.Javakhisshvili Tbilisi State University, M.Nodia Institute of Geophysics of GAS, Department of Hydrometeorology of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources, “Saknapirdatsva”);
  • Netherlands (MARIS)

- edit entries containing data on scientists submitted previously and add data on new scientists who are not in the data base.

Each partner first of all edits data on scientists from its own organization, then adds new data on scientists from its own organization involved in the Black Sea studies and lastly edits data on scientists from other organizations, which are not partners under the BSS Project.

Amount of work is equally distributed among organizations of each country, e.g. each partner from Russia edits and adds 25-30 descriptions on the average.

When none of the partners has information on certain scientists a decision to delete them from the data base is taken. Information on deletion is submitted to all the partners in the country. Deletion is made by RIHMI-WDC.

To enter the system of content management a user name and password are required. Each country receives one user name and one password for all the partners. User name and password are submitted by E-mail (contact Peter Thijsse (

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