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Name Alexander
Last Name Kuzin
Country Ukraine
Citizenship Ukraine
Organization Scientific Research Institute of Ecological Problems (USRIEP)
Position Scientific Director
Birth date 08 February 1940
Degree Prof,DrSci
Education Kharkiv Institute of Municipal Engineering Kharkiv University of Civil Engineering & Architecture Leningrad Engineering-Economic Institute Leningrad State University
Scientist publications number about 200
Experience Kharkiv Vodokanalprojekt All-Union Research Institute for Water Protection Ukrainian Scientific and Research Institute of Ecological Problems
Projects, which participated scientist • Project “Dniester river resources study. Investigation of water releases impact on the water quality in the lower segment of the Dniester river”, 1996. • Project for a regional information system of ecological management in the lower part of the Dnipro river basin. Ukraine-Canadian co-operation, 1996-1997. Expert. • Project “Impact of Climate Change on Hydrological Regimes and Water Resources in Europe (Using the Southern Bug River Basin)”. International Environment programme ÐÅÊÎ. Project EV5V-CT93-0293, 1995-1997. • Project “Black Sea Environmental Priorities Study”. Global Environment Facility Black Sea Environmental Programme. Ukrainian-USA co-operation, 1997-1998. • Project “Improvement of an observation system in the river basin aimed at higher efficiency of water quality control (exemplified by the Southern Bug river basin)” INTAS-UKRAINE 95-0164, 1996-2000. • Project “Strengthening regional capacity for industrial waste treatment and management in Ukraine”, ENVUK 9801, 1998-2000. • EBRD project “Solid municipal wastes management”, 7001, 2000-2001. • UNDP/GEF Dnipro Basin Environment Programme, 2001-2003.
Address Bakulina str., 6 61166 Kharkiv UKRAINE
Email akousine@mail.ru
URL niiep.kharkov.ua/
Phone +38 057 702 15 78
Fax +38 057 702 15 78
Keywords marine env. pollution, env. protection programmes
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Update date 2008-07-18 00:00:00.0

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