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Name Ilhan
Last Name Aydin
Country Turkey
Citizenship Turkey
Language ,
Organization Central Fisheries Research Institute turkey
Position Researcher
Birth date 01 January 1974
Degree Msc
Education B.Sc., Aquaculture Faculty, Rize University
Experience Organic Aquaculture, Flatfish Broodstock Management, Flat fish Striping, Bone and Cartilage Staining on Turbot, Poliploidy, Egg Quality, Cryo-preservation, Otolith Daily Ring Reading, Otolith Marking, Marin Farming for Stock Enhancement,
Projects, which participated scientist 1. Effect of Fishing Effort on Demersal Fish Stocks In Eastern Black Sea In Turkey 2. Technical Development of Sustainable Seed Production for Black Sea Turbot 3. The Fish Culture Development Project in The Blach Sea: Turbot Culture 4. Improvements of Turbot Culture Techniques 5 . Research on Bio-ecology and Rearing Possibilities of Flounder (Platichthys flesus luscus Pallas, 1811) 6. Research on the Possibilities of Organic Fish Farming in Black Sea Region
Address Central Fisheries Research Institute P.K. 250 61250 Trabzon-Turkey
Email ilhan61@gmail.com
Alternative email ilhan061@hotmail.com
Phone +90 462 341 10 53
Alternative Phone +90 532 484 50 27
Fax +90 462 341 11 52
Keywords Turbot, Flounder, Egg quality, Aquaculture, Triploidy, Stock Enhangement, Daily ring, Cryopreservation, Early life history, Seed production, Biotecnology
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