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Name Yuriy
Last Name Denga
Country Ukraine
Citizenship Ukraine
Language , ,
Organization Ukrainian scientific center of Ecology of Sea (UkrSCES)
Position Head of analytical research department
Birth date 18 February 1947
Scientist publications number 56
Experience Laboratories management. Planning and organization of marine research monitoring programs, representational work at national and international meetings. Design and implementation of water quality monitoring and analysis of the marine environment. Responsible for laboratory equipment procurement, QA/QC, intercomparison exercises and accreditation. Experience includes investigation of priority pollutions (trace Me, OC, PCBs, PAHs and others) by Atomic Adsorption Spectrometry, GC, GC/MS, Spectrofluorometry and Basic hydrochemistry instrumentations.
Projects, which participated scientist Black Sea Environmental Programme (BSEP) – Head of Ukrainian Focal Point for Routine Pollution Monitoring (1994 to 2000) and Member of Regional Activity Centre for PMA. TACIS project: Prut River Water Management, Project No ENVREG9701 (expert, 2000). National Program of Investigation of Black and Azov seas - Project: ”Biogeoindication”. Sampling of water, bottom sediment and mussel samples, chemical analyses of this samples for investigation of level of pollution, comparison with bioassay results, development of recommendation for using mussels as indicator of the quality of marine ecosystems. Canadian project: Ukrainian Laboratories Accreditation. Participation in training program for 6 Ukrainian analytical labs according to the ISO 17025 requirements (participant). 2 cessions in Canada (Winnipeg, Calgary) and 2 cessions in Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa). TACIS WW/SCRE/No. 1: Lower Danube lakes, Ukraine Monitoring of Danube lakes (expert, 200-2002)Project EuropeAid/111897/C/SV/WW, TACIS Technical Assistance to the Black Sea Environment Program (Deputy Team Leader, 2002-2004).
Address 89 Frantsuzky Blvd. 270009 Odessa, Ukraine. Ukrainian Scientific Centre of the Ecology of Sea (UkrSCES)
Email lawmd@te.net.ua
Phone +38048 7288253
Alternative Phone +38067 2775349
Fax +38048 7289556
Keywords Black Sea, ecosystem, pollution
Commentary Chemical analyses of the seawater, suspended matter sediments and biota, studying of Black Sea ecosystem pollution and assessment of the quality of marine environment.
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