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Name Katerina
Last Name Pozachenyuk
Country Ukraine
Citizenship Ukraine
Organization Taurida V.I. Vernadsky National University
Position Head of the Department of Physical Geography and Oceanology
Birth date 01 October 1956
Degree Dr. Sc.
Education Simferopol State University named after Frunzeć (Taurida National V.I. Vernadsky University)
Scientist publications number 230
Experience More than 50 researches, contractual themes and ecological assessments in the sphere of nature management and nature protection, several international projects
Projects, which participated scientist Biodiversity Support Program (USA, 1997-2000), - Education in Spatial Planning in the Frame of a Postgraduate Course at the TVNU (Switzerland, 2000 – 2003) Sea Data Net (2009-2011)
Address 4 Vernadsky ave., Simferopol, Ukraine, 95007
Email pozachenyuk@mail.ru
URL www.ccssu.crimea.ua/tnu
Phone + 38 (0652) 602440
Alternative Phone +38 0509439858
Fax + 38 (0652) 517135
Keywords Nature management, ecological assessment, landscape, coast
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Update date 2010-05-04 00:00:00.0

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